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            Welcome to dongguan huakai testing equipment technology CO., LTD!
            High stacking test machine
            Name: High stacking test machineModel : HK-116Brand: HuakaiPurpose:The test machine for pla....
            Programmable constant temperature and humidity box
            Name: Programmable constant temperature and humidity boxModel: HK-225LBrand: HuakaiPurpose:....
            Thermal Shock Test
            Purpose:Hot and cold impact testing machine, used to test composite materials and material structu....
            Drying oven
            Name: Electric Blast OvenModel: HK-118Brand: HuakaiPurpose:For industrial and mining ente....
            Air ventilation aging chamber
            Name: air ventilation aging chamberModel : HK-107Brand: HuakaiPurpose:The machine in the pro....
            Three-position Plug Tester
            Name: three-position plug test machineModel: HK-602Brand: HuakaiEquipment use:This test mach....
            ABOUT US
            Create the industry's top brands
            ——For all types of laboratories to provide solutions
            City Huakai testing equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the development, design and production reliability and environmental testing equipment and all kinds of testing instruments company. Its leading products are temperature and humidity chamber, tensile testing machine, carton compression testing machine, tape retention testing machine, China International bags wear testing machine, tensile testing machine, hot and cold impact testing machine, aging test and other test equipment . Good quality and perfect service system!
            CONTACT US

            Huakai testing equipment technology
            National Service Hotline:400-777-0568
            Contacts:15118317212 Mr. Qian
            Add:Shijie Liang Gucun industrial zone

            Huakai testing equipment Technology Co., Ltd. Main equipment and market superior products mainl....